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Attention to use

(1) When the cooler is put into use, the vent valve on the cooling line shall be opened for exhaust closed after water is seen to prevent the air resistance affecting the cooling effect.

(2) When the cooler is shut down the line is swept, the cooling water shall be shut down the cooling water vent valve shall be opened at the same time to avoid damaging the equipment due to pressure holding. 

(3) When adjusting the temperature of oil after cooling, the outlet valve of cooling water should be controlled first. Because the inlet valve is used to control the water volume, although cold water can be saved, the water flow in the cooler will be short circuited the flow speed will be slowed down, resulting in the upper heat lower cooling, which will affect the heat exchange effect. Therefore, it is suitable to use the entrance control.

Prevention of impact

In order to prevent the generation of scale in the cooler, the control should be carried out the source, which can ensure the good operation of the system to a large extent reduce the loss, such as the installation of automatic self-cleaning water filter. In addition, electronic scale remover can also be used, such as decolor electronic scale remover -- one way cooling tower

The principle of the electronic descaling instrument is to change the physical structure of the calcium magnesium plasma in water by using the comprehensive electric wave to become a new crystal insoluble in water. They will be suspended in water will adhere to the pipe wall to prevent the formation of scale. As the calcium magnesium plasma is separated the water, the water will return to the high solubility state. The water itself is a high solubility liquid, but it will be saturated due to absorption of other substances. When the water returning to the high solubility state passes through the pipe with scale, it can dissolve absorb the scale, discharge it when draining. Therefore, the product can effectively remove the old scale in addition to preventing the scale formation