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2020-05-09 13:56:45

 Cooler is a kind of heat exchange equipment for cooling fluid. Usually, water air is used as a coolant to remove heat. There are wall cooler, spray cooler, jacket cooler coil cooler. It is widely used in large-scale electrical equipment such as high-power silicon rectifier, induction furnace medium frequency furnace. It is equipped with pure water, water air, oil water oil air cooling devices as cooling protection equipment.

 The main objects of coolers are partition walls, hybrid regenerative heat exchangers. The working principle, heat transfer calculation, structure calculation, flow resistance calculation design program of the cooler are detailed in the heat exchanger book, with detailed examples.

 Note for use

 (1) when the cooler is put into use, the exhaust valve on the cooling pipeline shall be opened emptied, it shall be closed after water is seen to prevent air resistance affecting the cooling effect. 

 (2) when the cooler stops running sweeps the pipeline, the cooling water will stop, the cooling water discharge valve will be opened to prevent the pressure damaging the equipment. 

 (3) when cooling oil temperature is adjusted, the outlet valve of cooling water should be controlled first. Because the water volume is controlled by the water inlet valve, although cold water can be saved, it will cause short circuit of water flow slow flow rate in the cooler, which will result in heating cooling affect the heat exchange effect. Therefore, access control should be used.