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2020-05-09 14:32:01

Cooler is one of the important tasks of heat exchange. In daily life, more more heating enterprises pay attention to cooler.

However, if the operation time is too long, the scale will inevitably occur in the cooler, which will lead to poor thermal conductivity of the machine cost. This time on the need to clean the cooler, only can extend the service life of the cooler, but also can avoid the cooler composed of scale damage to the machine!

Consumption cycle of cooler       

Most machines equipment need to stop cleaning on demand. After the cooler has been running for a period of time, it must stop cleaning. As for how long it needs to be cleaned, there are many factors affecting this time. There is no definite formula for reference, as long as some detailed examples are analyzed to roughly determine the time period of cooler cleaning.      

The cleaning time cycle of the cooler is determined by the task cycle process conditions of the consumer equipment. Some media are relatively clean, with less dirt, the cleaning cycle can be extended properly, while some media are easy to construct have more structures, so the cleaning distance is relatively short. Before cleaning, first determine the structure of the infarcted media, such as salt, calcium magnesium plasma, common scale, use a professional cleaning agent! In practice, the cycle of cooler cleaning can be considered two aspects, one is the reduction of heat transfer coefficient, the other is the addition of pressure drop. The pressure drop has a great impact on the flow of cooler, the effect of the flow rate on the cleaning cycle should be reserved during cleaning.      

In conclusion, in order to better identify the cleaning cycle of the cooler, the experiment should be stopped immediately after the cooler is put into operation after cleaning for the next cleaning preparation. Yuanwang also suggests that you do a good job of cooler maintenance while cleaning!