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2020-05-09 15:08:16

Cooler is a kind of heat exchange equipment for cooling fluid. Usually, water air is used as a coolant to remove heat. It can be divided into tube cooler, plate cooler air-cooled cooler. Cooler is a kind of heat exchange equipment, usually used in metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, transportation, light industry, food other industrial fields.

It is suitable for different working conditions, such as cooler, condenser, heating, evaporation, waste heat recovery, etc. Therefore, in many types of heat exchanger, cooler tube heat exchanger still occupy an important position.

The installation method of cooler is divided into vertical oil cooler horizontal oil cooler. The vertical cooler has small installation area convenient installation. Horizontal oil cooler has the characteristics of small pressure drop strong water impact resistance. Therefore, vertical horizontal oil coolers can be selected correctly according to the requirements of different places, space height performance. Other equipment requirements.

 (1) The chiller must pass the pressure test before use drain the internal water before use. 

 (2) check whether the pouring exhaust valves are flexible, easy to use switch positions, whether the pressure gauge thermometer have been installed. 

 (3) check whether the foundation support are firm whether the bolts are fully tightened. 

 (4) when put into use, the cold flow shall be discharged first, then the heat flow. 

 (5) when using cold hot media, first make sure that the auxiliary pipeline is unobstructed, then slowly open the outlet valve. After checking that there is no problem, open the intake valve. It must be opened slowly to prevent pressure. During commissioning, please pay attention to the change of the equipment. After the cooler is put into use, the change of temperature pressure may cause leakage, so it should be checked in time.