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What are the classifications of coolers?

2020-04-09 15:18:22


  Tube cooler

  One type of cooler of hydraulic press is tube type. There are many kinds of double tube type, vertical type, horizontal type, floating head type, etc. This type is characterized by a flow of water for cooling through the inside of the tube an interval of oil through the column. The middle folding plate allows the oil to deflect. It uses two even four channel flow method. Its cooling effect is stronger.


  The tube cooler consists of two parts: the shell the internal cooler. Due to different structural methods, external connection forms are divided into pipe thread type flange type. It can be divided into horizontal type vertical type in terms of installation form, floating disc type floating head type in terms of floating form, spiral type finned tube type in terms of floating form, baffle structure can be divided into various structural forms, such as bow baffle, rectangular baffle, double weir baffle circular baffle, which are optional according to specific conditions.

 The shell includes: cylinder, water distribution cover return water cover. It is equipped with inlet pipe outlet pipe as well as inlet pipe outlet pipe, as well as oil drain, drainage, vent plug, zinc rod mounting hole thermometer interface.

 The main body of cooler is composed of cooler pipe, fixed orifice plate, movable orifice plate, baffle plate, etc. The two ends of the cooling pipe are respectively connected to the fixed orifice plate the movable orifice plate, the oil leaks inside the cooler; the fixed orifice plate is connected with the external flange, the movable orifice plate can expand freely outside, so as to eliminate the influence of the temperature on the cooler pipe on the thermal expansion cold contraction. Baffles enhance heat transfer support the cooler tubes.

 Plate cooler

The second type of plate is also divided into herringbone type oblique corrugated type. The contact point arranged by the corrugated structure allows the fluid to form turbulence at a low velocity, which greatly improves the heat dissipation effect.

 Plate heat exchanger is a new type of efficient heat exchanger, which has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, small floor area, easy installation, can be easily combined into any flow state according to different process requirements. Therefore, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, light industry, food, medicine, electric power, coating, heating other industrial fields. In recent years, it has been used in cooling water, pure water ultra pure water systems in microelectronics industry. It is also widely used.

Because cooling water (refrigerant fluid) circulating cooling water (working fluid) are in direct contact, they transfer the heat of circulating cooling water to cooling water through heat exchange fins. At this time, the temperature of the higher temperature circulating cooling water decreases becomes a low-temperature fluid. When the fluid on both sides of the heat exchange plate is constant temperature heat transfer,

  It consists of three processes:

  (1) In the convective heat transfer process, the heat is transferred to the wall of the heat exchange fin during the circulating cooling water (working fluid) flow; 

(2) the heat conduction process through the heat exchange fin; 

 (3) the convective heat transfer of the heat is transferred to the cooling water (refrigerant fluid) the wall of the heat exchange fin on the other side.

 Air cooler

 The third type of air-cooled cooler is also divided into indirect, fixed suspended type. It also has many characteristics, such as simple structure, small volume, light weight easy to use.

 The air-cooled oil cooler is a kind of aluminum alloy plate fin heat exchanger with air as cooling source. The utility model is characterized in that the oil channel of the heat exchanger core the heat exchange fin in the air channel. The same volume is larger than the heat exchange area, the heat transfer efficiency is high. Air is used as a medium for heat exchange. Compared with the water-cooled radiator, it is only easy to install maintain, but also avoid the oil-water mixture caused by the burst of copper tube, which seriously damages the system. Secondly, for the equipment that needs to be replaced in the workplace (such as construction machinery), there is no need to consider water supply, no need to dismantle transform the water circulation system. It is an environmental protection product is used more more.