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What are the advantages of grease?

2020-04-09 16:36:57


  Due to the following advantages, most cars basically use general lithium grease:

  Good water resistance, rust resistance, colloidal stability high low temperature performance can basically meet the requirements of high-speed driving of modern vehicles.

  The service life is long, 2-3 times longer than that of calcium based grease ordinary grease, the longest is about 30000 km.

  It can be used in - 30 ℃ low temperature environment.

  It has good versatility can be used in summer winter. It only simplifies the purchase of varieties, reduces energy consumption, improves efficiency, but also facilitates management.

  Supply method of lubricating grease: long cycle of lubricating grease hard consistency of lubricating grease, please use lubricating grease gun; short cycle time of lubricating grease, low consistency of lubricating grease, bad environment around lubricating point, you can use electric pneumatic lubricating grease pump for injection.

  Precautions for selecting automobile grease:

  Lubricate each lubrication point according to the instructions. Grease shall be injected into the pump bearing, clutch pedal shaft, brake pedal shaft, gearbox shaft, front rear leaf spring pins, steering knuckle master pins steering tie rods every 20000 km.

  Try to avoid mixing different oils. Due to the different chemical composition characteristics of various greases, when they are mixed together, there may be negative effects, such as increased oil separation decreased drop point.

 Even the same type of new grease can be mixed with the old grease, because the old grease contains a lot of organic acids impurities, if mixed with the new grease, it will accelerate its oxidation deterioration. Therefore, when replacing the grease, it is necessary to clean the old grease on the parts, then add new grease.

 Once the grease is mixed with impurities, it is difficult to remove. In the process of storage, packaging use, the external impurities such as dust, sand moisture must be strictly prevented pollution. Containers greasing tools must be dry clean. Reduce the contact between grease air as much as possible; this place should be clean free of sand; before lubrication, clean the bearing oil filling port; immediately cover cover the grease container filling nozzle after operation.