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Principle, advantages disadvantages of rodless cylinder!!

2020-05-05 13:30:25

Principle, advantages disadvantages of rodless cylinder

1. Principle of rodless cylinder

The working principle of rodless cylinder is the same as that of common cylinder, but the external connection mode sealing mode are different. The schematic of the rodless cylinder is hollow on both sides. The permanent magnet in the piston rod drives another magnet (moving part) to the outside of the piston rod. The requirement of environmental cleanliness is very high.

There is a piston in the rodless cylinder, but there is no piston rod. The piston is installed in the guide rail. The external load is connected to the piston is driven by the intake air.

 The magnetic coupling motion is realized by using the permanent magnet in the hollow piston rod to drive another magnet outside the piston rod. Because of its high speed high load, the inner outer magnetic rings are easy to separate, so it is rarely used now. The size of its load mass needs to find the characteristic curve of its mass speed. Now there are more machines.

2. Classification of rodless cylinder

The rodless cylinder can be divided into magnetic coupling rodless cylinder mechanical contact rodless cylinder. Rodless cylinder is a kind of cylinder which is directly indirectly connected to the outside world makes it follow the piston to realize reciprocating motion. The advantage of this kind of cylinder is saving installation space.

(1) Magnetic coupling rodless cylinder:

The piston drives the moving body outside the cylinder to move synchronously under the action of magnetic force. Its working principle is: a set of high-strength permanent magnetic ring is installed on the piston, the magnetic force line acts on another set of electromagnetic ring through the thin-walled cylinder. Because the two groups of magnetic rings are opposite in magnetism, they have strong suction. When the air pressure in the cylinder pushes the piston, under the action of magnetic force, the magnetic ring sleeve outside the cylinder is driven to move together. The thrust of the cylinder piston must match the suction of the magnetic ring.

(2) Mechanical contact rodless cylinder

There is a groove in the axial direction of the cylinder, the piston Shangzhi move above the groove. To prevent leakage dust, use stainless steel sealing tape dust-proof stainless steel tape to fix the cylinder head at both ends. The piston is connected with Shangzhi to drive the actuator fixed on Shangzhi to realize reciprocating motion.

3. Characteristics of rodless cylinder

1.Compared with ordinary cylinder, the installation device under the same stroke can be reduced by 1 / 2;

2. No need to set anti rotation machinery;

3. Suitable for cylinder diameter of 10-80mm, stroke can reach 41.5m; 4. Speed of 10m / S

4. Disadvantages of rodless cylinder

1.Poor sealing performance, easy to cause leakage. When using a three position valve, the medium pressure type must be used.

2. Small bearing capacity. In order to increase the load capacity, the steering mechanism must be added.