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What are the characteristics requirements of rodless cylinder?

2020-04-10 16:00:56

Rodless cylinder refers to the cylinder that connects the external actuator directly indirectly by using the piston makes it follow the piston to realize reciprocating motion. This kind of cylinder has the advantages of saving installation space, which can be divided into magnetic couple rodless cylinder (magnetic cylinder) mechanical rodless cylinder.


1. Compared with the standard cylinder, the magnetic couple rodless cylinder has the following characteristics:

The size of the whole device is small, the axial space is small, about 44% less than that of the standard cylinder. The area of the piston at both ends of the thrust the pull of the rod less cylinder of the magnetic coupling is equal, so the thrust the pull are equal, so it is easy to complete the positioning of both ends. When the piston speed is 250mm / s, the positioning accuracy can reach ± 1.0mm. The outer surface of the piston rod of the cylinder is easy to accumulate dust rust. The seal ring of the rod can absorb dust impurities cause leakage, while the internal slide block of the rodless cylinder of the magnetic couple has no moving seal internal leakage. The magnetic coupling rodless cylinder can consume ultra long stroke specifications, the ratio of the inner diameter of the standard cylinder to the stroke is generally no more than 1 / 15, while the ratio of the inner diameter of the rodless cylinder to the stroke can reach about 1 / 100, the longest stroke can be consumed within 3M, meeting the needs of the long stroke application site.

2. Comparison between magnetic coupling rod free cylinder mechanical rod free cylinder:

The shape of magnetic coupling is small, with device thread nut in the middle, which can be directly installed on the equipment. The load of the magnetic coupling type rodless cylinder is relatively small, it is suitable to load small workpieces manipulators to move. When the magnetic coupling type basic type moves back forth, it can show the slide block rotation, so it is necessary to add a guide rod to guide the installation. Perhaps the magnetic coupling type rodless cylinder with a guide rod is selected, compared with the mechanical type of guide belt, which has local leakage defects, the magnetic coupling type has no internal leakage, so the device can be maintenance free after use Places with slow coupling speed (speed ≤ 700mm / s)