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How to make rubber belt use longer?

2020-04-15 13:55:46

With the development of production, rubber flat belt is widely used in industrial production manufacturing. The following will introduce some matters needing attention in the use of rubber flat belt, hoping to help you achieve a longer service life of the belt! To make rubber belt work longer, I have 10 suggestions:

1.Add scraping materials to the reversing drum for installation. Scraping installation shall be added at the reversing drum along the belt to eliminate the material bonding performance at the reversing drum deal with the damage of the rubber flat belt caused by the roller sticking.

2. Improve the transfer transition of conveyor head, tail two ends, stop reasonable over design, try to increase the loss of rubber surface of flat belt, so as to ensure that there will be no fold of belt, two ends of concave scene, material leakage at the dropping place, etc.

3. The direction adjustment of materials the direction of materials have an important impact on the service life of the flat belt. The materials should be transported back in the same direction as the belt, which can greatly provide the service life of the belt.

4. Reasonable selection of belt type maintenance, different mechanical belt, rubber belt shall be adjusted installed along the line in time according to season changes, maintenance measures such as sunscreen can extend the belt life.

5. For the introspection task of stopping the current period of rubber flat belt, once any achievement abnormal situation are found in the operation of the flat belt, it should be handled in time. In this way, only the normal operation of the flat belt can be guaranteed, but also the service life of the belt can be extended, which is beneficial for the whole equipment.

6. It is necessary to avoid the idler being covered by materials, resulting in rotation failure, preventing material leakage being stuck between the roller the belt, paying attention to the lubrication of the moving part of the belt, so as to avoid oil contamination on the belt.

7. Prevent the belt starting under load

8. In case of belt deviation, take measures to correct it in time 9. In case of partial damage of the belt, handle it in time to avoid expansion 10. Avoid the belt being blocked by the frame, pillar block material, avoid breaking tearing