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Screw air compressor intake valve can open the reasons solutions!

2020-04-10 11:47:52

The air inlet valve of screw air compressor is a component to control the air pressure in the air storage tank. The commonly used air inlet valve has a rotating disc structure a reciprocating valve plate mechanism. The disc valve plate is used to open close the air inlet to control the air flow into the head.

There are two control modes: one is to switch. When the pressure of the air tank reaches the set value of the high limit, close the air inlet. When the pressure drops to the set value of the low limit, reopen the air inlet. The other is that when the air tank reaches a certain pressure, the rotating disc slightly closes the air inlet under the control of the proportional valve. When the pressure of the air tank further increases, the air inlet further decreases. When the pressure of the air tank slightly increases, the air inlet will increase, making the pressure fluctuate in a certain range. When the pressure is up to the capacity regulating pressure, the disc of the air inlet valve is fully open the air inlet is fully opened.

Under the condition of operation, what are the reasons for the intake valve of screw air compressor is closed? What are the ways to deal with it? Let's have a complicated discussion!

1.There is too much water in the control pipeline. Maintain the control pipeline every day.

2. The task of intake valve is wrong; reflect on the cylinder, valve sleeve other components, replace them if necessary.

3. The air intake valve is stuck; check the intake valve, valve sleeve, shaft, replace them if necessary.

4. The intake valve spring is broken; replace the spring;

5. The solenoid valve is defective; repair replace it as required, check the wiring condition before replacing.

6. The reciprocating valve is damaged, repaired replaced.

7. The wire connector of solenoid valve is loose; check tighten the wire terminal.      

These will cause screw air compressor intake valve problems, in consumer operation time should be handled carefully. The intake valve is normally closed to prevent a small amount of gas entering the machine head increase the starting current of the motor. There is an air inlet bypass valve on the air inlet valve of screw air compressor, which is used to avoid the high vacuum in the machine head during the start-up no-load of the machine, affecting the atomization of lubricating oil

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