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How to avoid aging of rubber belt how to maintain it?

2020-04-15 14:28:17

How to avoid the aging of mechanical equipment spare parts of rubber belt of multi-functional crusher in the process of use storage, idle, due to friction wear, cross shape, impact, vibration, fatigue, fracture, corrosion other use of actual shape change, accuracy reduction, function cross damage, this phenomenon is called intangible aging. The physical damage formed in operation is intangible aging; while the physical damage caused by the deformation caused by residual stress, metal corrosion, wood leather decay, rubber plastic aging metamorphosis other natural forces in storage idling is related to the use time strength, is related to the idling time maintenance form. If we improve the design, improve the processing quality, use it correctly, maintain it in time keep it properly, we can postpone the process of intangible aging prolong the service life of machinery equipment.

In the process of using idling mechanical equipment, the phenomenon that the use value reproduction price decreases due to the improvement of science technology is called tangible aging. Also called economic aging, the technical structure economic function of mechanical equipment remain unchanged, but the price of reproduction of such mechanical equipment decreases due to the improvement of technology, improvement of production process, progress of labor productivity increase of consumption scale The phenomenon of its appreciation is tangible aging. Although it makes the mechanical equipment appreciate, its technical function application value have been reduced, so there is no achievement of early change. Tangible aging refers to the appearance of new mechanical equipment with more skillful structure, better technical function, higher consumption efficiency better economic benefit, which makes the original mechanical equipment look stale in technology backward in function The economic benefits are reduced the appreciation is formed.

In terms of mechanical maintenance, the equipment personnel shall stop introspection on the equipment every day, reflect on the smooth condition of the bearing, whether all fasteners can be tightened, whether the belt can be in good condition, a series of aspects requiring introspection such as changing according to the condition. The equipment personnel shall carefully reflect on themselves to maintain their own pulverizer machinery. The bearing should be greased changed once a month. If the task continues, it should be added twice more. Pay attention to the observation. After a section of V-belt is used, the tightness shall be readjusted, it is advisable to press down the middle of the belt with your fingers lower it by 6-10 mm. After daily tasks, the machine shall be cleaned to check whether the parts can be loose, so as to extend the service life. The power part shall be maintained according to the power operation manual.