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Do you know the performance index of radiator?

2020-04-10 09:31:03

  Radiator is an important basic component in hot water ( steam) heating system. Hot water is cooled in the radiator ( steam condenses in the radiator) to heat the room, so as to achieve the purpose of heating. The metal consumption cost of radiator account for a large proportion in the heating system. It is different the temperature control valve, so the correct choice of radiator needs to consider the economic indicators the operation effect of the system.

  performance index

  Thermal properties

  The higher the heat transfer coefficient is, the better the thermal performance is. It can be used to increase the heat dissipation area of the outer wall, increase the air flow rate around the radiator (such as the steel string radiator with cover), enhance the radiation intensity of the outer layer (such as the outer surface decorated with high radiation coating), reduce the contact thermal resistance between various parts of the radiator (such as the steel pipe the string of the steel string radiator), so as to improve the thermal performance of the radiator.

  Economic indicators

  The lower the unit heat dissipation cost (yuan / W), the lower the installation cost, the longer the service life the better the economy. The higher the metal heat intensity of the same material radiator (unit mass metal, heat dissipation per 1 ° C heat transfer temperature difference (unit: w / (kg · ° C)), the better the economic benefit.

  Installation use requirements

  The radiator shall have certain mechanical strength pressure bearing capacity, shall be easy to install integrate into the required heat dissipation area; the size shall be small occupy less room area space; the installation use process shall be easy to break; the manufacturing process is simple suitable for mass production.

  Hygienic aesthetic requirements

  The radiator surface shall be smooth easy to remove dust; the appearance shall be beautiful coordinated with the room decoration.