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Whats the best about grease!

2020-04-10 08:53:17

Various factors should be considered when selecting lubricating grease. I'd like to share some experience here. I hope it can help you. In the environment of strong chemical medium, synthetic oil lubricating grease resistant to chemical corrosion, such as fluorocarbon grease, should be selected.

(1) The grease selected shall be compatible with the grease supply method of the friction pair. For centralized grease, 00-1 grease; for parts regularly filled with oil gun, oil cup, etc., 1-3 grease; for parts using grease for a long time, use No. 2 no. 3 grease. 

(2) the selected grease shall be compatible with the working state of the friction pair. For example, in case of large vibration, please use high viscosity naphthenic base mixed soap base composite soap base lubricating grease with high viscosity, good adhesion impact absorption. 

(3) the grease selected shall be suitable for its purpose. The lubricating grease for lubrication must be selected according to the type of friction pair, working condition, working state, environmental condition lubricating grease supply method; the aluminum base grease with strong adhesion high water resistance shall be selected for the part contacting with sea water; for general protection, the lubricating grease made of high viscosity base oil thickened by solid hydrocarbon can be used. For sealing grease, pay attention to its solvent resistance to the sealing medium. 

(4) the type of grease should be reduced as far as possible to improve the economic benefits. In case of meeting the requirements, please try to use lithium grease, composite soap grease, polyurea grease other general purpose grease. In this way, due to the long service life of multi effect grease, the type of grease can be reduced, the management of grease can be simplified, the consumption cost maintenance cost of grease can be reduced. 

In order to use grease correctly

(1) The amount of lubricating oil shall be appropriate. However, depending on the situation, sometimes the bearing edge should be greased for cavity lubrication. 

(2) pay attention to prevent mixing of different types, brands new old lubricating grease. Avoid cross use of grease containers tools, which can cause adverse effects, such as reduced fat, increased permeability reduced mechanical stability. 

(3) pay attention to replace with new grease. Due to the continuous improvement change of the type quality of lubricating grease, the old equipment shall be tested before formal use; when replacing new grease, the waste grease shall be removed the clean parts shall be cleaned. When replenishing the grease, the waste grease shall be extruded until new grease is seen at the grease outlet. 

(4) pay attention to the management of grease injection process. Pay close attention to the cleaning of containers tools before receiving adding grease. The grease supply port on the equipment shall be wiped in advance to prevent mixing of mechanical impurities, dust sand. 

(5) pay attention to timely change seasonal grease. If the environment of the equipment changes greatly between winter summer, the temperature difference is large, if winter grease is used in summer, vice versa, the result will be the opposite.