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Temperature control valve

2020-05-09 14:07:58

 Working principles

 Radiator thermostat also known as: temperature control valve. In recent years, temperature control valve has been widely used in new buildings in China. The temperature control valve is installed on the radiator of residential public buildings. Temperature control valve can set room temperature according to different requirements of users. The temperature sensing part can continuously sense the room temperature, automatically adjust the heating at any time according to the current heat demand, so as to prevent the room temperature overheating obtain higher user comfort.

  The temperature control of the user's room is realized by the constant temperature control valve of the radiator. The radiator thermostatic control valve is composed of thermostatic controller, flow control valve a pair of connecting parts. The core component of thermostatic controller is sensor unit, namely temperature kit. The temperature kit can sense the changes of environmental temperature generate volume changes, drive the spool of the regulating valve to generate displacement, then adjust the radiator's water volume to change the heat dissipation of the radiator. The set temperature of thermostatic valve can be adjusted manually. The thermostatic valve will automatically control adjust the water quantity of radiator according to the set requirements, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the indoor temperature. The temperature control valve is usually installed in front of the radiator automatically regulates the flow to achieve the room temperature required by the residents. The temperature control valve is divided into two-way temperature control valve three-way temperature control valve. Three way temperature control valve is mainly used in single pipe system with horizontal pipe. The shunt coefficient can be changed in the range of 0-100%. The flow regulating chamber is large, but the price is relatively expensive the structure is complex. Some of the two-way temperature control valves are used in a two pipe system, some in a single pipe system. The resistance of the two-way temperature control valve used in the double pipe system is larger than that used in the single pipe system. The temperature sensing component of the temperature control valve the valve body are generally assembled as a whole, the temperature sensing component itself is the field indoor temperature sensor. If necessary, a remote temperature sensor can be used. The remote temperature sensor is placed in the room temperature control is required, the valve body is placed in a specific position on the heating system.

Temperature control valve