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What should we pay attention to when using rubber belt?

2020-04-15 14:11:40

In addition to the quality problems, there are four relatively minor causes of rubber belt fracture:

1. The material toughness of the belt is enough, the light version is easy to break with a little internal injury ------ choose the material with better toughness. 

2. The speed displacement speed are fast, resulting in large force on the belt ------ adjust the speed displacement speed properly. 

3. Temporary use of aging materials ---- the belt should be replaced in a planned way. 

4. The belt is too long too short / the load is too large ------ try to stop the spot check at the current time list the necessary spot check items. 

5. It is necessary to avoid the roller being covered by the material, resulting in rotation failure, preventing the leakage being stuck between the roller the belt, paying attention to the lubrication of the moving part of the belt. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the avoidance of oil contamination on the belt. 

6. Prevent the belt starting under load. 

7. When the belt deviates, ask take measures to correct it in time. 

8. When the belt is found partially damaged, handle it in time to avoid expansion. 

9. Avoid the belt being blocked by the machine frame, pillar block materials, avoid breaking tearing

Installation of belt buckle of conveyor belt precautions

1. Before construction, lock the handle of belt control switch to the "zero position" hang a tag to "someone is engaged in construction, it is strictly forbidden to switch on" assign a special person to watch it. 

2. The person in charge of construction shall arrange personnel to clean up the sundries within the scope of belt machine's buckle position, Ensure the smooth construction exit. 

3. The construction unit must have a cadre on-site command to ensure the construction safety when the construction work is carried out under the guidance of the construction principal. 

4. For the work of replacing the belt joint, first open the belt joint to be replaced to the middle of the belt conveyor, loosen the belt clamp the belt with two pairs of plywood, After the belt is stuck, the chain block is used to tighten the belt, the inching starting belt is used to tighten the belt strictly