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What are the types of cylinders?

2020-04-10 15:34:10

 1. Whether the gas pressure received the cylinder piston is unidirectional double hundred direction stop classification

(1) Single acting cylinder: the piston of the cylinder can only be pushed by the air pressure in one direction, the external force is needed in reverse direction. 

(2) Double acting cylinder: the piston of the cylinder is propelled by air pressure in both positive negative directions.

2. Stop classification the degree device mode of cylinder 

(1) Fixed cylinder: the cylinder block is fixed. 

(2) pin cylinder: the cylinder block can swing around the fixed pin within a certain angle. 

(3) rotary cylinder: the cylinder block is usually fixed on the main shaft of the machine tool can rotate with the main shaft of the machine tool. This kind of cylinder is commonly used in the pneumatic chuck of the machine tool.

3. Stop classification function use of cylinder

(1) Common cylinder: including single acting double acting cylinders. This kind of cylinder is generally used without special requirements. 

(2) buffer cylinder: the cylinder is equipped with buffer installation, which can prevent strong channel impact when the piston moves to the end. This kind of air return cylinder is often used in the task place with high pressure high moving speed. 

(3) air hydraulic damping cylinder: the cylinder is connected in series with the hydraulic cylinder, which can achieve relatively accurate movement speed, can be used in places with high speed regulation requirements. 

(4) swinging air cylinder: the action of the air cylinder can be used for reciprocating rotation around the axis line, such as fixture rotation, valve answer door switch, etc. 

(5) impact cylinder: it is a high-energy cylinder with high-speed movement of piston rod to form impact force, which can be used for stamping, cutting, etc. 

(6) Rodless cylinder: the working principle of rodless cylinder is the same as that of ordinary cylinder, but the external connection sealing form are different.

(7) piston cylinder: piston cylinder, which is a cylindrical metal device guiding the piston to fro in a straight line.